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About us

Treetop Walkway Lipno, unique in the whole country and first walkway of its kind in Czech Republic, welcomed its first visitor on 10th of July 2012. The Walkway is delicately incorporated into the landscape around Lipnolake and uniquely complements the Lipno region. It completes the offer of sport, educational and entertainment activities.

Educational and didactic elements that will enrich and broaden knowledge in the areas of nature, its protection and function of the forest are part of the Walkway. Not only for our small visitors, but also for those, who stayed young and haven’t lost their taste for adventure, there are three adventurous stations with rope elements located at the height of 24 meters.

The Walkway is finished by a 40 meter nonagon observation tower, with unique appearance not only thanks to its airy architecture, but also barrier-free access, type and method used for its construction.

You can get to the Walkway by cableway, Walkway Bus or using a tourist path or bike path, you can spice up the way down by a off-road kickbike scooter ride that could be borrowed at the top and returned under the hill.


Technical data

Total walkway length 675 metres
Walkway length 372 metres
Tower walkway length 303 metres
Observation tower height 40 metres
Walkway height 24 metres
Number of poles 75
Walkway climb 2-6 % including tower
Tower entrance at 24 meters
Tower diameter 24 meters
Walkway width 2,5 meters
Walkway height above sea level 901 metres (Kramolín hill)
The tower consists of 9 poles

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Entertainment on the Walkway

On the 675 metres long Walkway, you will enjoy not only unique views from the 40 metres high tower, but also many adventurous experiences. This all makes the Walkway an ideal destination for active visitors, families and seniors. Thanks to its barrier-free construction, the Walkway is suitable for all visitors. The Lipno Treetop Walkway  offers a so far undiscovered dimension of leisure time activity.

  • Adrenalin and educative stops

    Enjoy unusual experiences at 11 adrenalin stops created along the path. Try your balance in the height of 24 metres. Extend your knowledge about the forest and nature around us in a funny way.

    Picture gallery of secluded places
  • Toboggan

    The top experience of the Path is one of the longest dry toboggans in the Czech Republic. The one in Lipno is 52 metres long and it goes down through the inner part of the view tower.  

    Picture gallery of the toboggan
  • Illuminated Path and concerts

    Escape from daily life for a short time and let yourselves be taken into a fantastic world of jazz, swing, blues or classical music. Famous musicians will perform musical works directly on the Treetop Walkway.  

    Enjoy romantic moments when walking in the tree tops at night. A number of special lights with up to 16 million colours contribute to an exceptional atmosphere during the night. You may enjoy the illuminated Path every Tuesday in June and August till 11pm.

    Picture gallery of the illuminated Path and concerts
  • Events at the Path 2019

    Come to celebrate with us the 7th birthday! There will be a program for both small and large visitors.

    Spend the day with wood-smelling varieties in a pleasant place at the pathway through treetops in Lipno. Celebrations of wood at the treetop walkway in Lipno in June are still popular year after year. This year's organizers asked six Czech woodworkers.

    Picture gallery of the wood festival Picture gallery of birthdays