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Treetop Walkway Lipno, unique in the whole country and first walkway of its kind in Czech Republic, welcomed its first visitor on 10th of July 2012. The Walkway is delicately incorporated into the landscape around Lipnolake and uniquely complements the Lipno region. It completes the offer of sport, educational and entertainment activities.

Educational and didactic elements that will enrich and broaden knowledge in the areas of nature, its protection and function of the forest are part of the Walkway. Not only for our small visitors, but also for those, who stayed young and haven’t lost their taste for adventure, there are three adventurous stations with rope elements located at the height of 24 meters.

The Walkway is finished by a 40 meter nonagon observation tower , with unique appearance not only thanks to its airy architecture, but also barrier-free access, type and method used for its construction.

You can get to the Walkway by cableway, Walkway Bus or using a tourist path or bike path, you can spice up the way down by a off-road kickbike scooter ride that could be borrowed at the top and returned under the hill.

In winter you can get to the Treetop Walkway right from the ski-run. Park your skis in the ski-depo on the top of Kramolín hill, change from your ice-cold skiing shoes into warm boots and enjoy a treetop walk. Shoes are lent for free and you can leave your skiing equipment in the deposit during your walk, it suffices to present your own Lipno Card.

Technical data

Total walkway length 675 metres
Walkway length 372 metres
Tower walkway length 303 metres
Observation tower height 40 metres
Walkway height 24 metres
Number of poles 75
Walkway climb 2-6 % including tower
Tower entrance at 24 meters
Tower diameter 24 meters
Walkway width 2,5 meters
Walkway height above sea level 901 metres (Kramolín hill)
The tower consists of 9 poles

Virtual tour of the Walkway

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Entertainment on the Walkway

On the 675 metres long Walkway, you will find not only unique view from the 40 metres tower, but also many adventurous experiences. This all makes the Walkway an ideal destination for active visitors, families and seniors. Thanks to its barrier-free construction, the Walkway is suitable for all visitors. The Treetop Walkway Lipno offers a yet undiscovered dimension of leisure time activity.

  • Adrenaline and educational places

    Along the total length of 675 metres, you can experience unusual adventures at 11 adrenaline and educational stops created at the barrier-free walkway. Didactic panels allow the Treetop Walkway Lipno visitors to broaden their knowledge of forests and nature around us. They contain interactive elements for children and they are focused on themes connected with forest management. They are replaced during the year to correspond with the current state of the forest around.

    All information is also available in the didactic stops brochure. This brochure is available at the didactic stops, didactic worksheets at the cash desk of the Treetop Walkway.

    Více o zákoutí
  • Toboggan

    A top adventure is one of the longest dry toboggans in Czech Republic with total length of 52 metres and height difference 24 metres, which curls around the centre of the tower. Your safety is guaranteed by special pads that help to adjust and reduce speed. You can also use the toboggan repeatedly. It suffices to climb the caracole, it isn’t necessary to walk through the whole walkway again.

    • With Lipno Card, you can use one free toboggan ride to each one purchased.
    • Only children older than 6 years are allowed to the toboggan
    • In case of adverse conditions (storm, hail, windstorm, frost) and during concerts, the toboggan is closed.


    Více o tobogánu
  • Illuminated Walkway

    Unusual experience is prepared for you during the summer holidays. Every Tuesday has prolonged opening hours up to 23 hours. You will witness an unreproducible sunset, experience night romantic walk through treetops, with illumination produced by special atmospheric lights. Prolonged operating hours are also at the cableway, which will safely transport you to the top of Kramolín hill.

    Více o osvícené Stezce
  • Concerts

    To make the memories perfect, prolonged tours at the illuminated Walkway are complemented by live music. You can look forward to a varied range of music styles – especially the jazz, swing, blues or classical music lovers will have a field day. But we don’t forget the others and try to allow everybody to find their favourite style. In past we received at the Walkway for example the guitarist ŠtěpánRak or singer Iva Frühlingová. Concerts start every July and August Tuesday at 20:00 and the admission fee is included in the price of the classic ticket. The toboggan is closed during concerts.